How to find and select an OH Provider

As a public advisory service, COHPA is able to assist businesses in their search for an occupational health provider.

By understanding the needs of your business and promoting your requirements amongst membership, COHPA does the hard work for you and ensures that you only speak with providers who are able to service your contract.


“To promote and maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all staff” – The World Health Organisation

Occupational health studies the effect of work on health and health on work. It concentrates on employee performance, suitability, fitness, wellbeing, and safety issues linked to health at work.


  • Employers are required by law to protect employee health at work.
  • As many as 80% of UK business currently provide no or insufficient Occupational Health.
  • The increasing trend for litigious action against employees has resulted in a wave of employment litigation adding to employers risk burden.
  • Healthy and effective workers are more productive.
  • Effective Occupational Health provision can save employers significant expense. We help hundreds of employers, companies and individuals a year in finding an Occupational Health & Wellbeing provider. It could be for that one off referral, an ongoing, or full Occupational Health service. This service is free of charge.

Find an Occupational Health Provider

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Businesses can also be assured that all COHPA members subscribe to our COHPA Member’s Code of Conduct.

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